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Paris and I go way back. In 2010 I moved to Paris it was the first city where I lived on my own for work. We had a love / hate relationship, many times I felt pretty lonely. Luckily the amazing architecture and the atmosphere changed that often. Many times after this stay I came back for holidays and to visit friends. Paris grew on me and from time to time I love to do the very touristic things because believe it or not these are one of the charms of Paris. On my last trip to Paris in September I got to know a few of the coolest hot spots I listed these up for you guys:

  1. Le Comptoir Général is a bar, restaurant, and concept store. It has all the different kind of corners where you can sit down and chill. It has an exciting mix of interior styles. For example a cocktail with alligator skin like fabric on it, just to sketch the extravagant style you can spot there. Général has a rooftop where you can have great parties and the place is open till 2 am, also during weekdays.
  2. Gibus Club might be Paris her version of Berghain in Berlin. It has the raw warehouse kind of feel you don’t expect from Paris. The music is great and it has a nice audience. Take a good look where it is because it’s a bit hidden so you could walk by pretty easily.
  3. Maxim’s de Paris is a place you expect it to be, a great building next to the Louvre park with a classic interior that gives you the feeling like your in Versailles. Even though I haven’t had diner at Maxim’s, from time to time they have parties. These parties are pretty impressive in a building like this. It really makes you feel like you have traveled back in time.
  4. Last but not least Anahi, a great Argentine restaurant also close to the hip neighbourhood République. The food is amazing and the wines are just overwhelming. In other words if you are visiting Paris you have to go to Anahi. Not only because of its great food but also because of the really cool interior with a lot of gold. One of the rooms exist almost all of the color gold. This beautiful scenery never gets old.


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