Madame Munchie


A combination that for most of us is pretty surprising;

French macaroons that contain medicinal cannabis.

In the 19th century, just before scientists invented the aspirin, Cannabis was used as a medicine all over the world. Nowadays we see a lot of people that are prescribed medicine. In many cases, these prescription drugs are given to easily, don’t work or are not even needed!

The fact is that we have to doubt everything in life, from politics to food and especially the medical industry. This mindset may invoke a response from the public and create a new era like the 1800s. A new world where medicinal Cannabis might be legal, or at least permitted, so it can be processed in food for medicinal purposes.

Denver based medicine man Williams says to believe that a lot of new products will be developed in the distant future. This due to the start-up of a decent amount of research projects, not only in the U.S. but across the globe. He expects to see cannabis-based products used for IV-feeds, suppositories and also new types of non-smokable medicines.

But it is award-winning Madame Munchie who is really creating a new category of edibles. These products not only use local North California organic, but also medicinal and gluten-free ingredients.

Their focus is on providing wellness, relief and delicious smoke alternatives for their patients. This is a very interesting development, as the only edible alternative, is the very dry space cake. Madame Munchie gives us new ideas by bringing good food and medicinal qualities together. The macaroons are not only an interesting new edible but you can see that the company has put a lot of thought into the design of the macaroons. They come in five delicious gourmet flavours: Hazelnut Mocha, Citrus Almond, Tropical Jungle (chocolate banana), Green Gold (Pistachio), and Grilled PB&J. Due to this variety of tastes patients, won’t get bored with their medication. Important to know is that each macaroon is perfectly dosed with 20mg of THC. While some patients with chronic illnesses may fall short, Madame Munchie purposefully kept the potency low so that the average patients can enjoy them entirely. I am curious when this will be made possible in Europe because I am dying to get my hand on these Madame Munchie macaroons. Aren’t you?

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