Trendforcast 2050: Increasing Purity

Because of the fast development in society people are getting overtired. There are a lot of expectations from the new generation. Everyone wants to be an interesting individual and have a lot of ambitions. Social media is a big part of our lives as well; It gives us continuous stimulants and this causes restlessness. Nowadays young people who are in their twenties even get to the point that they feel depressed or eventually even get a burn out.

IMG_5809In scientific research we keep reading more facts about food and what you can or cannot eat. Because of the extreme climate changes we are trying to look for sustainable solutions and the way we could make our lives greener. Urban gardening is already pretty big in New York, they grow their own vegetables on the roof. We are looking for green ways to gain energy, for example from wind mills and solar panels. In the future we might gain energy from animals feces. Designer and entrepreneur Daan Roosegaarde keeps these kinds of things in mind when he is working on a project. He developed the van Gogh bike lane that charges itself with daylight so it’s able to light up the lane when it’s dark.

IMG_5811We are looking for solutions for all these elements and we are more aware of what is going on in the food departments as well. Our regular food doesn’t necessarily contain vitamins or are sprayed with chemicals. This makes you doubt what you should eat. Even though there are no scientific facts proven that super foods really contain all these good qualities, the use of super foods is 90% more since 2012. Super foods exist mainly from seeds, seaweed, hemp, coconut and cocoa. These so called super foods were already products that ancient nations made use of, for this reason the products are called “Primal Food”.

Several kinds of foods are also being rediscovered for example; kale and avocado. These products contain a lot of good fats and anti oxides. You can even find super food beauty product, for example “Superfood for Skin”. The products contain coconut or avocado and the soap is made from seaweed. Seaweed is nature’s product that’s been used in Asia for many years in a lot of different ways. It is a symbol for purity.

– Layers – Dynamic – Organic – Natural

The shapes are dynamic and function as a metaphor for the people who have to wake up and think about sustainability and the health of their own body. We have to go back to the core and purity. In the shapes you can see the many layers, we need to get rid of or to be able to get to the core. The organic shapes we see are created by the natural growth of nature.

Print – Fragile – Soft – Irregular – Frayed

The prints give a dynamic feeling as well this is because of the shapes but also because of the colors, which gives them the illusion of different layers and depth.

Colors– Pure – Bright – Warm – Saturated

Because people want to go back to the primal feeling and purity we will see use of a lot of pure and saturated colors. The bright red colors are related to the goji berries or the red coral. The same is said for the dark orange color whom you can relate to inca berries and coral. The blue and green tints are all colors you can find in our big ocean. The dark brown color is a color we see a lot in nature but also in the pure cacao powder, which is used by ancient nations for many years.

IMG_5819Materials– Layers – Fragile – Natural – Irregular

Seaweed gets a rubber kind of texture as soon as it gets in touch with water, it is almost like it becomes some kind of skin. Seaweed has a lot in common with human skin as it’s fragile, flexible and almost transparent.



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